Le Journal of Frailty & Aging publie des articles pour améliorer les connaissances dans le domaine de la sarcopénie et fragilité


*The need to implement frailty in the international classification of disease (ICD)

J. Muscedere


Special articles

* ICFSR Task Force perspective on biomarkers for sarcopenia and frailty

Rodriguez-Mañas, I. Araujo de Carvalho, S. Bhasin, H.A. Bischoff-Ferrari, M. Cesari, W. Evans, J.M. Hare, M. Pahor, A. Parini, Y. Rolland, R.A. Fielding, J. Walston, B. Vellas, and the ICFSR Task Force

* Clinically meaningful change for physical performance: perspectives of the ICFSR Task Force

Guralnik, K. Bandeen-Roche, S.A.R. Bhasin, S. Eremenco, F. Landi, J. Muscedere, S. Perera, J.-Y. Reginster, L. Woodhouse, B. Vellas, and the ICFSR Task Force

* Moving towards common data elements and core outcome measures in frailty research

Muscedere, J. Afilalo, I. Araujo de Carvalho, M. Cesari, A. Clegg, H.E. Eriksen, K.R. Evans, G. Heckman, J.P. Hirdes, P.M. Kim, B. Laffon, J. Lynn, F. Martin, J.C. Prorok, K. Rockwood, L. Rodrigues Mañas, D. Rolfson, G. Shaw, B. Shea, S. Sinha, O. Theou, P. Tugwell, V. Valdiglesias, B. Vellas, N. Veronese, L.M.K. Wallace, P.R. Williamson, For the Canadian Frailty Network


Physical frailty

* Muscle strength as a predictor of gait variability after two years in community-living older adults

Bogen, R. Moe-Nilssen, M.K. Aaslund, A.H. Ranhoff

* Neuromuscular attributes are associated with poor mobility in older adults with vascular risk conditions

A.J. Jor’dan, M.E. Jacob, E. Leritz, J.F. Bean

* Obesity definitions in sarcopenic obesity: differences in prevalence, agreement and association with muscle function

E.Q. Khor, J.P. Lim, L. Tay, A. Yeo, S. Yew, Y.Y. Ding, W.S. Lim

* The use of posturography in investigating the risk of falling in frail or prefrail older people with diabetes

Domergue, L. Rodríguez-Mañas, O. Laosa Zafra, K. Hood, D. Gasq, S. Regueme, A.J. Sinclair, I. Bourdel-Marchasson


Clinics and public health 

* Contribution of protein intake and concurrent exercise to skeletal muscle quality with aging

N.D. Dicks, C.J. Kotarsky, K.A. Trautman, A.M. Barry, J.F. Keith, S. Mitchell, W. Byun, S.N. Stastny, K.J. Hackney


Clinical trials

* Circulating interleukin-6 is associated with skeletal muscle strength, quality, and functional adaptation with exercise training in mobility-limited older adults

G.J. Grosicki, B.B. Barrett, D.A. Englund, C. Liu, T.G. Travison, T. Cederholm, A. Koochek, Å. von Berens, T. Gustafsson, T. Benard, K.F. Reid, R.A. Fielding


* ICSFR: 10th International Conference on Frailty & Sarcopenia Research. March 11-13, 2020, Toulouse – France



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